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The roleplay setting for Mutants and Masterminds and would be independent comic book universe

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A solid robust page has the most relevant details while may need to be fine-tuned or expanded as campaigns go on has what it needs. Note that a Finished page may actually have less content then a Good Content page if the focus of it just requires less information to be, more or less complete.

Humanity First Party Political Party

Good Content

Not bad decent amount of stuff

ClockWork(Prime3) Hero

ClockWork Villian (Original One)

Superhero Inc. Company

Needs Work

These are a good start, the information you can sink your teeth in, but maybe not properly formatted or fully detailed. Few paragraphs at least.

Populace Antagonist

Wizard Side Character

Black Sea Witch Side Character

Iron Kitten Hero

Anubis Hero

Mícheál O’kearn Hero/First Bowman

Fatum Villian

Thwack, Hero Toy seller

Barely Exists

It exists, not much else can be said

Liberty 'Patriotic' Super Vilain

Guardians of the German People Soviet Super Team

Red Knight Soviet Super Hero

Sochi Peoples Protectors Soviet Super Team

River Fairy Soviet Super Hero

Yellow Rose Soviet Super Hero

White Dancer Soviet SuperHero

The Beauties of the Sea Super hero pop team

Last Column nazi villain team

Star Shot teen hero from beyond the stars

Junior Varsity team

Primum teen super hero

Cherry Red succubus teen superhero

Anderson Memorial

Raven's Host organization

Sys Anna Villain Techno Mafia

Cyrus “The Virus” Virotchi villain

ShadowMorph SHARD

Adam Palanko Hero, National gaurdian

Kristin Palanko hero

Kasierra villain

Clownifious Villain

Time Emperor Villain

Gold Villain

Silver Villain

Bronze Villain

Platinum Villain

Sleek Villain

Anderson Sisters Family

Minamal Supporting Hero

Infinity Character

Cosmic Supporting Character

The Infinities entities

Gary Gets around, Support

Alkalaid Graves Polotition

Mistress Villain/Shard

Nymph Hero

Rusé Villain

Pink Bunny Villain

New Pink Bunny villain

Mr. Fluffers villain

Mr. Q Villain

The Master villain

Aqua villain

Mechanic villian

Mutant Liberation Army organization

Prism Villain

Ancient Order of the Magi Organization

Derrick Roland Supporting

Council of High Magic Organization

Omnious (Prime 13) Villian

United Plane of Hell place

Amulet hero

Wisp hero

Chief Dog Hero and mentor

Jack Frost Hero, and Chief Dog fan

Gen. Anderson Supporting Character

Super-villain to Hero Adjustment and Reeducation Department Orginization

Demogorgon Demon Lord

ClockWork (Prime 7) Displased Villain

OverMind Displased Villain

Golden Guardian Hero

Jade Fox Hero

Silver Sentinel Heros

Noir Corbeau Hero

Anubis II Hero

Unity West Virginia City

Mile High Heroes Hero Team

Sun Warriors Hero Team

SuperShotties Company

Diecanta Industries Company

SlipBlade Hero

Xavier Diecanta Antagonist

Diecanta Family

Eternal Industries Company

National Guardian Hero/title

Defenders Hero Team

Seraphim Hero(Edit me you poncy fat git)

Dynamic Man Hero... and the cause of all problems

Sol Rojos City

Naucht Villian

Night of Naucht Event

Superhero Operational Advanced Research Organization

Amazons Culture

Cinder Hero/Former Villian

Slugger Hero

Young Guns Hero Team

Miss. Fortune Hero

Sorceress Hero

Protectors Hero Team

Visitor Hero

Home Front Hero Team

Miniscule Hero

Void Emperor Villian

Bowman Clan Organization

Amazonian Hero

Hellion Side Character

September Revolution Event

Techno Mafia Criminal Organization

Liberty City City

United States House Organization

Christian Union Coalition Political Party

Independent Peoples Party Political Party

Fascist Fist Villian

Liberty and Unity Party Political Party

Department of Meta Affairs Orginization

The Ages Of "Ages of Justice" Story stuff

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